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Mausoleum Crypts

Very familiar to those of European ancestry, mausoleum crypts are an above-ground interment option which can house up to two caskets. These outdoor, private crypts are exquisite tributes to the life and memory of your loved one. At St. Michael’s Cemetery, our mausoleum crypts are made entirely of Canadian-quarried granite, and come with a lifetime perpetual warranty ensuring they’re free from defects, and last for generations to come.

A living testament to your loved one

A mausoleum crypt provides the perfect tribute to your loved one who has passed on. These impressive monuments are a living testament to the life and memory of your dearly departed, and are tucked away within a private area within our cemetery grounds for secluded visitation. With many styles and designs to choose from, you can customize your mausoleum crypt to match the uniqueness of the individuals being honoured. At St. Michael's Cemetery, we use a European-trained artisan memorial maker for our mausoleum crypts, ensuring only the highest quality craftsmanship adorns these monuments. 

Together Forever

Our mausoleum crypts can accommodate two caskets, making them the perfect interment option for those with undying love for one another. Each casket has its own separate cavity, so there's no disturbing the previously interred casket upon placing the second one into the mausoleum crypt. Our mausoleum crypts are built to stand the test of time, much like the love shared between those who wish to be interred in one so them and their partner can be together forever. 

Visit anytime you want

Unlike other community mausoleum crypts which are only accessible during specific hours, our mausoleum crypts are standalone monuments which can be visited at any time during normal cemetery hours. This allows you to visit the memorial for your loved ones based upon whatever time works best for you, and provides those who are grieving more privacy than a community mausoleum crypt. 

Lifetime Perpetual Warranty

Our mausoleum crypts come with a lifetime perpetual warranty which makes sure they’re free of defects. Made entirely from Canadian-quarried granite, our mausoleum crypts are built and constructed to stand the test of time, allowing these tributes and memorials to last for generations to come. Because they're situated entirely above-ground, mausoleum crypts can be more easily maintained than their in-ground counterparts, allowing them to be cleaned and polished more regularly. With our perpetual care service, you can rest assured that your monument will always look spectacular. 

Providing Solace Since 1955

St. Michael's Cemetery has been celebrating life and providing solace since 1955. Our convenient and centrally located cemetery in Edmonton would be honoured to help you pay proper tribute to your loved one. Contact us today by calling (780) 424-5493 or by filling out the form below. 

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